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Coping Mechanisms

Whether you suffer from depression and anxiety or not, you definitely have coping mechanisms hard-wired into your system like every other human being on this planet. 

Some are "common", like stress eating, denial, and escape.

I stress eat all the time. I also "bored eat." You know, when you're just sitting there all bored and not even hungry but start eating because there's nothing else to do?

I've definitely been in denial. I'm probably in denial about something at any given point in my life. I was definitely in denial about how bad the situation is with the Cleveland Cavaliers after we "traded" Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics.

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Alternate Reality

I'm convinced I live in an alternate reality.

I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I think we arrived around the same time.

I wasn't aware of the change until fairly recently (within the last few years). But it's anyone's guess when it actually happened. Some suggest it happened between 1986 and 2011.

The biggest clue for me was that in this reality, the Berenstein Bears are called the Berenstain Bears. Just to clarify, the difference is in the 'stEin' and 'stAin'. I'm a Berenstein-er...

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Have you ever purposefully made yourself busy for the sole purpose of forgetting about something that bothers you?

I find myself doing that a lot these days.

Whether it’s going on long walks, reading, drowning myself in music, going to a new place, trying a new restaurant, going out every night to have a drink and play pool, or eating until I enter a food coma, etc.

I’ve been obsessed with finding new hobbies this year because I’ve been desperate to get out of my apartment when I feel trapped, which unfortunately is often...

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Mental Health

Being someone who is seeking information on mental health, I’m shocked at the lack of attention paid to it. Sure, there is a lot of information online but there are so many opinions. Who is right? Is there a right answer? I assume no because as far as I know, nobody has truly figured out how the brain works.

Mental disorders of all kinds impact so many people. Yet it is seemingly swept under the rug. It is not viewed as a legitimate issue. People tend to shy away from the unknown and there is a lot we do not know/understand about our psyche...

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