11: You Know, We're Living in a Society!

On my way home from work today, there were several things that bugged me. Societal issues that really give me a lot of anxiety. Subway platform temperatures, sidewalk etiquette...just follow the rules of the road (applies to elevators, stairs, and escalators), excessive car honking...just stop! I’m also super stressed out because I have too much stuff at home. With some help, I plan on decluttering.

10: Wanting the Unavailable, Chris Cornell's Suicide, and the Wrongful Imprisonment Ray Spencer

On this episode I talk about my habit of being attracted to unavailable women, the recent death of Chris Cornell and how medication possibly played a role In his death, and the story of Ray Spencer, a man charged with molesting his kids and spent 20 years in prison despite being innocent.

In this episode I talk about suicide a bit. If you or anyone you know is experiencing suicidal ideation/tendencies please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255).

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09: Rolodex of Bad Memories, Possibility of Being a Synesthete, Korean Noodle Antitrust Lawsuit, Net Neutrality (again)

On this episode I talk about my “rolodex” of bad memories, the possibility of being a synesthete, and a Korean Noodle Antitrust lawsuit. I also go down a rabbit hole and bring up Net Neutrality again and contradict myself a whole lot because I'm crazy.

I updated to the newest version of Garageband and my audio sounds all weird, but I also sound out of breath because of some congestion. I'll figure it out. 


08: Starting Yoga, Being Happy Versus UnHappy, My Thoughts About Aliens

Apologies for the unplanned break. On this week’s podcast I talk about my laziness, how I’ve started exploring yoga and how it’s improved my life so far, the difference between being happy and unhappy and how I think a constant state of happiness is unobtainable (is that a word?), and how unlikely I think it is that we (humans) will ever encounter intelligent extraterrestrial life.

07: Un-United Airlines, Recognizing Mental Illness, Baggage, and Yoga

On this week’s episode I talk about how fucked up United Airlines is, how important it is to not delegitimize and stigmatize mental illness especially in dating, how I’ve started to reconcile my baggage and past issues, and my overall improvement and foray into yoga.

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06: Bad Tinder Date, Swimmer's Body Illusion, and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

On this episode I discuss a very recent Tinder date that went pretty bad, the reason why I am not a happy person, and how the Sunk Cost Fallacy is one of the reasons why I've been so miserable.

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05: Definitely Too Late for Basketball, PornHub for Non-Porn, Monogamy vs Polyamory, and Tinder Foul Play

On this week's episode, I talk about my forgotten love of basketball and how it's too late for me, people being crafty and using PornHub to stream non-porn feature length films, the idea of monogamy vs polyamory, and my experiences (or bad experiences) with Tinder bots, fake accounts, and people asking for $5 on Venmo.

Note: DMCA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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04: Confronting Mental Illness Directly, Anxiety Makes You Look Like An A-Hole, DARPA Brain Chips, and Being Purposefully Purposeless.

On this week's episode, I talk about how boring my previous podcasts have been, my recent struggles, how anxiety can make you seem like an asshole, some new treatments to mental illnesses, and my approach to the question "what's our purpose?" I admit some of these were shower thoughts.

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03: The Great Pyramid of Memphis, Stalker

On this week's episode I talk about my recent trip to Memphis, the crazy amount of personal information available on FamilyTreeNow.com, Net Neutrality, and my recent bout with depression.

Sorry if I sound a little sick. It's because I am. Much like my other two episodes, this is completely unedited. I can live with my mistakes!

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02: Oscars, Racial Bias, Fuck Steve Harvey, and Online Dating

01: Hello? Is this thing on?

Testing this podcasting thing out to see if I can feasibly do this on a regular basis. I want to try different formats on telling my stories and thoughts on everyday topics and things that make me anxious. Sorry for the lack of a pop filter and lack of direction, but enjoy the first episode!