net neutrality

09: Rolodex of Bad Memories, Possibility of Being a Synesthete, Korean Noodle Antitrust Lawsuit, Net Neutrality (again)

On this episode I talk about my “rolodex” of bad memories, the possibility of being a synesthete, and a Korean Noodle Antitrust lawsuit. I also go down a rabbit hole and bring up Net Neutrality again and contradict myself a whole lot because I'm crazy.

I updated to the newest version of Garageband and my audio sounds all weird, but I also sound out of breath because of some congestion. I'll figure it out. 


03: The Great Pyramid of Memphis, Stalker

On this week's episode I talk about my recent trip to Memphis, the crazy amount of personal information available on, Net Neutrality, and my recent bout with depression.

Sorry if I sound a little sick. It's because I am. Much like my other two episodes, this is completely unedited. I can live with my mistakes!

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